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VREAL is the innovative new game streaming platform for VR

VREAL is a new platform that offers a VR take on the trend for live streaming your gaming experiences.

The Twitch comparison is massively oversimplifying something that will change the landscape of streaming.
Let’s say you’re watching someone streaming a VR game. You’ll be able to pop on your own VR headset and essentially occupy the same space as the streamer, freely moving around the world to watch them play as the headset re-renders their game.

You won’t just be an unseen, silent spectator either. Viewers can be both seen and heard in the streamer’s game – if they allow it – and can see and hear each other, allowing for a new model of social interaction on streams.
Of course, not everyone will have the rather pricey hardware straight away. If you have a headset like Gear VR or Cardboard, you’ll be able to watch 360 degree videos, while streams can also be viewed on 2D on monitors as normal.

"The rise of gaming as viewable entertainment has reshaped the game marketplace, and virtual reality will forever change the way we play and watch. VREAL is the first company to create a platform that gives game developers, streamers and players a way to natively stream VR gaming experiences across the full spectrum of desktop and mobile VR and traditional 2D screens," said CEO and founder Todd Hooper.

It sounds like a fascinating prospect. There’s a VREAL beta this summer, so we’ll learn more about the platform then.

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